Ligaya ng Panginoon joins the Christian community in remembering the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ at the Holy Triduum 2018.


The Holy Triduum is one liturgical celebration in three parts, spread over Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is open to guests, with no registration fees.








Reflections on the Joy of the Covenant


The covenant relationship God has called us into is a covenant of JOY.


We declare and celebrate the truth that nothing can rob us of this joy. We look above and beyond what we see, hear, and experience and be comforted on the truth that all these will not and cannot take away our Joy in the Lord.


Our Joy – rooted and grounded in Love.


The source of our Joy is rooted and grounded On God’s unconditional love. The more we experience the Joy that is rooted in God’s love, the

more we grow in our confidence in the GOD who is the source of joy.


The secret of Joy is not discovered in the absence of trials, but in the midst of them.


JOY is a FRUIT of the spirit, independent of circumstances; but dependent on God alone who dwells within us. God alone is the source of our Joy.


Joy is grace that is received and that is lived.


Joy is a gift. We cannot manufacture joy, we cannot get it on our own effort. It is freely given. When we live and walk in the Spirit, the fruit of Joy will follow.


JOY is a conscious choice. We can choose to rejoice! Let us choose Joy!


How do we sustain our covenant of joy?


Our experience of joy flows from our abiding relationship with God.


To abide is to sustain unbroken fellowship with someone. Abiding is an essential requirement for joy. Abiding builds our confidence in the Lord, in good times and in bad.


Our Joy, God’s Joy.


Our joy is the joy of the Lord. And the source of our Joy is God alone.


We are created for the glory of the Lord. We are formed as covenanted people to glorify HIM. God is glorified when we declare – Ligaya ko ang Panginoon.


When God is glorified, we are filled with joy. The joy of the Lord becomes our joy, the joy of the Lord becomes our strength. So the encouragement for us is to be a people of joy by being faithful in giving glory to the God who called us.


Not only that we are called, we are chosen.


Why me? And for what purpose?


The song of John Keating can best answer the question – Chosen and precious, beloved as my own, set apart for me, destined for my throne. Go, for I send you, My will you are to do. You did not choose me but I have chosen you. You did not choose me, but from eternity, my own love to be, I have chosen you.


That is the Joy we have…being chosen to give joy to our God.


Our covenant, Our journey of joy.


We are called to Love one another as Christ has loved us.


We are all in this journey together. Sa ating paglalakbay, tayo ay masasaktan at makakasakit. Kaya nga may grasya ng pagpapatawad at paghingi ng tawad.


We are called to draw strength from one another.


We are called to open our life to serve and be served. The joy of the covenant is knowing that we are not alone in our struggle and difficulty.


We are a community not because of our activities and our common service, we are a community because of our relationship, God’s great gift to us.


We are chosen and appointed to go and bear fruit


Not only we are called to a life of joy through our covenant with one another, but as we love one another, we accomplish the call to be witnesses of God’s love in the world.


Obedience…Our joyful response.


When we have Joy, gratitude follows. When our heart is full of gratitude, the best response is Obedience. Obedience is our grateful

response to the exceeding goodness of God.


The more we recognize that everything is grace the more we will be challenged to put everything at the disposal of the Lord, especially those that we value and treasure most. And as we respond,the Lord is glorified.


C.S Lewis said, “Obedience is the key that opens every door”. What is

the door that God wants to open through your obedience? Ask for the

grace of God to grant you courage to use the key of obedience so the

name of the LORD maybe glorified through you. There is no other way to fullness of joy except through obedience.



Excerpts from the Reflections on the Joy of the Covenant by Chito Morales, North Sector 1 Coordinator, at the Feast of the Covenant 2017, Aliw Theater, Pasay City.

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I am God the Almighty. Walk in my presence and be blameless. Between you and me, I will establish my covenant, and I will multiply you exceedingly. (Genesis 17:1-2)


What is a Covenant?


Covenant is an intimate relationship that reflects God’s holiness, love and fidelity. It is a mutual commitment to a shared life with certain responsibilities to protect the relationship and to let it grow.

God is the initiator of the covenant and we are the respondents. It is the Living God who calls, and what He is offering is a blessing.


On September 17, 2017, Ligaya ng Panginoon celebrates the Feast of the Covenant and as a community profess that life of communion with God is what we value most. He alone is our highest joy.




Happy 42nd Anniversary, brothers and sisters!

In July 1975, God said...


Thus, our name...


This July 16, 2017

as one people, let us exclaim...


for indeed He is the source of our all!





Kairos Summer Games 2017: ALL IN!



LNP Supports Lakbay Buhay!


Last May 21, 2017 North University District members expressed their support to the call of the church to stand up against the re-imposition of death penalty! The members went straight to the University of Santo Tomas, coming from their NUD outing, to join the other LNP members who are against Death Penalty and Extra Judicial Killings. It was also a time to serve the attendees as there were a lot of spanish bread that came from their NUD outing. A lot of people were fed during that time. It was a worthwhile event so that the youth can be in solidarity with the Church in the battle against death penalty and human injustice. We are the youth of the Church!


-by Rico Bautista, NUD






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